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Working across Woking, Surrey, R.S. Bailey Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides you expert staff and equipment to adhere to all of your heating needs.

Utilising over 35 years industry experience, our highly-skilled set of staff are able to provide a varied catalogue if services. From water harvesting to solar energy, we ensure you innovative, environmentally-friendly methods to heat your home.

Our Excellent Service

Our team provide you with a free estimate based on the work needed to be carried out, and always come out and visit your first to assess what the problem is. 

We are committed to providing information and advice tailor-made to your home or business's requirements, allowing you to benefit from a wide range of knowledge and recommendations.

Central Heating

The even distribution of heat throughout your home from a central heat source ensures that your entire house is kept warm, and not just the room that you're in.

Warm water distributes heat evenly to every room in your house through the use of a network of pipes.

Even if you live in an area where the temperature is moderately warm, your home is prone to becoming frigid in the winter due to insufficient insulation and ineffective heating systems.

Solid and reliable heating ensures that you stay healthy and don't experience uneven temperatures throughout your home.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is an excellent way of reducing your carbon footprint while providing heating for your home.

As solar energy experts, our team provides you with advice, regarding the best products and services that suit your personal needs.

Air Source Heat Pumpsy

By transforming the energy created by the outside air into heat, air source heat pumps provide a comfortable temperature for the home while reducing heating costs. These extremely efficient pumps provide hygienic air throughout the property while recycling heat energy from lighting, people, and domestic appliances.

Underfloor Heating

Our team are highly qualified to supply, fit, and install underfloor heating for your home.

This type of heating heats your property from underneath the floor and is generally associated with luxurious, comfortable living.

We are able to help you with the necessary planning permissions to plan and design your underfloor heating system, and then install it to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Water Harvesting

Our water harvesting process is an excellent environmental friendly way of preserving your water resources. Water harvesting allows rainwater to be recycled for use within the house, in turn lowering your overall energy costs around the home.

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